DOAB Discussion Digest – Thursday July 12th

What aspects should funders take into account when developing funding schemes for OA books?

Dear all,

As we are currently devising a funding model to encourage OA book publication (or rather, the development of sustainable business models for OA book publication), I would like to ask participants in this discussion about what they consider to be indispensable requirements for calls in this domain.

This really is still an open question for us. There was a workshop on OA books with a number of stakeholders from the German context that took place at the University of Göttingen in April (  I would be genuinely interested in your responses as the funding of OA books should be based on standards relevant for an international community!



Dr. Angela Holzer

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  (DFG)
German Research Foundation-Scientific Library Services and Information Systems-

D-53170 Bonn



I take it as a given that OA largely means leaving the resale of
artefacts off the table for discussion of sustainable models. Would I be
right in this?

If so, then I think there is a great opportunity to critique how the
single author culture of production has informed the book resale revenue
model and explore how different business models might work with other
production processes.

For me this means collaborative production models need to be
investigated, and the social, technical and financial mechanisms of
collaborative book production need to explored and documented.



Dear all,

some brief thoughts on Open Access (OA) statements and OA books taken from a paper* presented at the Associazione Italiana Biblioteche 2011 conference in Rome (*“OA publishing: a sustainable model?”, in press). At the beginning the OA movement has focused on journal articles considered the most widespread means of science communication. In the manifesto of Budapest (2001), the first official OA text, there is no mention of books. A note: only 5 of 16 signatories of the manifesto are humanities scholars. Monographs are never explicitly mentioned even in the subsequent founding documents. In the Bethesda Statement (2003) we can find a more extensive definition of publishing (“publishing is a Fundamental Part of the research process, and the costs of publishing are Fundamental to cost of doing research”); continues however to dominate reference to periodicals (publishers are “journal publishers”). In the Berlin Declaration (2003) we find: “publications of original results of scientific research”, an expression that includes books but they are not explicitly mentioned (there is instead a reference to “journals”). We’ll have to wait another few years before finding an explicit mention to OA books.



dr Andrea Capaccioni

LIS assistant professor

Università degli Studi di Perugia

Dipartimento di Scienze storiche


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